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Eudio Application


NAME: Zara
AGE: 25
CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] werepuppy


NAME: Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
CANON: DC Comics
AGE: Roughly about 5,000 or so. It's not quite clear

BACKGROUND: Quite a long history, but taken pre-New 52
INCENTIVE: Diana has seen the world mentioned in Odyssey and, long story short, she wants to make sure this world will never happen. Her Mother is dear to her, and she will do anything to protect her - more so than she would do for the rest of humanity, even. As such, she will accept any offer that will allow not just her Mother's protection, but that same protection extended to her sisters. It would also be one of her hopes that her being in Eudio would mean that there is still protection for the world she leaves behind, but she would not consider that as an incentive, as she has faith in her friends and those she fights beside for the protection of Earth.
FIT: Diana would fit well into the world of Eudio as she is the all-loving hero. Physical affection is as natural to her as breathing is, and while she is a very formidable person in her own right, she is also known for just how much she cares about others. Friendships are easy for her to come by, as she truly finds beauty and wonder in near everything in the world. Diana is the loving hero of the DC verse, the Truth to Clark's Justice and Bruce's Vengence, and she will accept anyone provided that they do not show themselves to be unworthy of her kindness. She is also very aware of the rules of consent and would mot only follow them to the letter but would reach out to make sure that others are comfortable within their own limits to achieve their incentives. If it is to help others, Diana will happily provide her services, though she will do so in her terms and standards, and will not be bullied into believing other ways would be better.
SAMPLES: Sample 1, Sample 2

ANYTHING ELSE? Nothing that comes to mind!