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2035-12-31 04:56 am


Sorry I can't be here to take your call. Please leave a message, and I'll get back to you as soon as I'm done stopping this latest threat to people's freedom
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2035-12-30 04:51 am

How's My Driving

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2035-12-29 07:47 pm

[Eudio] Cuddlr

Diana (Old Enough)
Diana Prince. I believe in the truth and inhernet goodness of humankind. I am a fan of flying, running, and many other sports. I also enjoy reading. I am always open to making new friends.


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2017-06-01 07:50 pm
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Dear Player Post 001

Saw the Movie [Spoilers? It's Likely...]
I am pleased that you are so pleased. I know how long you have been waiting to see this, and for it to have not disappointed you is a good sign.

I do wonder if I will last this time around. We have been here before, have we not? Though I wore a different face then, and the story was changed enough. I am still me, and will always be.

Also: all that time, and you think I would only aid in one war? Of course there are stories to be told. Perhaps I will tell them. When the time is right.

[[Also available on Dear Mun]]